The Chapel At The Edge Of The WorldThe Chapel At The Edge Of The World

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“It was already beautiful, despite the dark walls and the lack of light. Candles glowed at the altar and the stained glass windows were nearly finished. The air inside was cool and hollow, like the air in a church should be. He could hear a gentle hum, like a choir singing, but it was only the hiss of Emilio’s gas lamp. Emilio worked at the end, outlining the figure of Madonna.”

Shortlisted for the Saltire First Book of the Year award, the novel is a fictional account of the men who built the Italian Chapel on the Orkney island of Lamb Holm during WW2, and of the families they left behind. The Chapel, built out of salvaged materials, still stands on the island and is now a major tourist attraction.

“Warm, humane and finely written,” The Times

“Unusual, fluently written…an unshowy, absorbing read,” The Guardian

“If you only read one book this summer…make it Chapel at the Edge of the World, ” The Sunday Herald

The Captain's WifeThe Captain’s Wife

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1762. Mary is desperate to escape her embittered mother. So when her marriage to a prosperous sea captain is arranged, she embraces the damp salt air, cramped conditions and bad food. She sets sail on the Isabella, away from the land of her childhood towards unseen places and an unknown future.

But being the captain’s wife is going to be harder than she thought. Her husband is still grieving for his first wife, and Mary can’t ignore her feelings towards another man onboard. Through him, she has a taste of the kind of love she might have known, and even begins to think that escape is possible.

With ruthless pirates patrolling British waters and ports full of outcasts with unspoken pasts, Mary learns quickly that loyalties are always shifting and people are rarely as they first seem. The Captain’s Wife is a richly realised story of adventure about a strong young woman determined to survive her fate by a wonderful storyteller.

“What McKenzie excels at is using period detail in the right way: just enough to give a feeling of authenticity but never so much that the history outweighs the story….McKenzie has a natural, fluid writing style.”    The Scotsman

“Delightful…the two stories are brought together with marvellous skill.”  The Times

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